AGE: This website requires for its access and use that you are of legal age according to applicable legalization. Otherwise, it must have the legal authorization that its requires for his acts to get validity. If not, we thank you for your interest and we ask you to leave the site, do not access its functions or sections.

SITE TERMS OF USE: By entering the website EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM you agree to accept and comply with the terms and conditions. Please read them before using the site and if you do not agree, please withdraw immediately. Your right to access or enter the site may be canceled by EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM without prior notice or justification.

INFORMATION TRANSMISSION: By deciding to enter the site you acknowledge that the data transmission is electronic through global communications networks, therefore, please send only the information strictly necessary for your query, namely that requested by EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM. Do not send spam, if you do, you will be in breach of these terms and conditions.

EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM SERVICE: Emergenciasjuridicas.com provides a response service to legal queries online, using digital tools, such as email, chat, video chat or by phone depending on what the user chooses or if you prefer, we can also respond to your query by phone.

The purpose of our service is to help people solve their doubts, queries or legal problems online without the need for people to have to travel from their homes or places of work, stand in long lines, spend on transportation, search for answers on google that do not answer your legal question, people who cannot resolve their pending issues in Colombia,  or use a day of work to search for an answer, for a very economical value, the lawyers at Emergencies Juridicas.com will analyze the query and provide legal guidance to the person who used the service.

In order to access the response by the Lawyers of Emergenciasjuridicas.com, Users must make the payment according to the chosen plan described on the page, EmergenciasJuridicas.com has Payu’s secure payment platform.

The Service provided by EmergenciasJurídicas.com, is developed by a group of graduated lawyers, specialized and experienced to know about all the problems that affect the daily life of Colombians inside and outside the territory ,the lawyers are part of the team of Gestión Legal S.A.S., a company of more than 30 years of experience.

It is important to point out that the creator of Emergenciasjuridicas.com is the Legal Management Company S.A.S., located at Carrera 15 Number 104-30, in the city of Bogotá, as principal office, but Emergenciasjuridicas.com have also office in the principal cities like Cali and Medellín.

The basic private consultation sent to the email account selected by the user, or any other digital tool chosen by the user, such as WhatsApp, Messenger from Facebook or video call, prior payment, will only be understood as a legal service provided by EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM. of the corresponding service duly validated by EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM. The legal and commercial relationship between EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM and the user begins at the moment of validation of the payment and ends at the moment in which the sending of the query to the selected email is verified. This site is for you to learn about our service and make an informed decision to consult EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM.

The lawyers who attend the legal query, can present a legal services proposal, for prepare a legal document, or a future legal representation depend de each case, just if the user requests it.

EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM reserves the right to change, modify or terminate these TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time and with total discretion without notice being necessary. Therefore, it is the customer’s duty to review the updated version of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the page EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM. In the event of termination of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the restrictions consented by you regarding the information on the site, the limitations of responsability, indemnity and other concessions will remain in force. EMERGENCIASJURDICAS.COM reserves the right to terminate the site or part of it at its own discretion and without prior or subsequent notification to customers.

EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM may, at any time, and without prior notice, change, add, delete,  amend, and in general perform any act to modify the contents of this site including any document, data, testimony, review, reference or information. It is important to highlight that Colombian legislation is subject to constant change, which includes the issuance of any type of regulation at the national and local levels, the issuance of judicial decisions at the national and local levels, the actions of the executive public power, judicial and legislative, among others. For this reason, EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM, despite the fact that, as far as possible, it will try to keep the legal concepts of the site up to date, requires that you make the query to the digital channels designated for this purpose in order to respond in accordance with current regulations and jurisprudence.

THE WEBSITE: Emergenciasjuridicas.com was created with the intention of helping people to guide them, in what they should do when they face a legal problem, telling them how, when and where, depending on the query of each user, so therefore, its scope is to locate the person about their problem and what they should or should not do, in this way to avoid find useless information and consequently losing a right due to ignorance of the way in which it should be exercised.

Only Colombians (inside the territory or outside) or foreigners of legal age residing in Colombia and with the ability to contract directly without the intervention of third parties or guardians may use our web platform.

The Website for Legal Emergenciasjuridicas.com is designed for users to make their query through a form with a few simple steps, and once they send it, they choose the plan that fits their needs.

In the event that the form is incomplete or that the description of the particular case is insufficient, the user have to completes the information before the answer,  Emergenciasjuridicas.com refrains from answering queries that include rudeness, insults, threats or discrimination, nor consultations carried out that may affect the life, integrity or dignity of: Minors, pregnant women, ethnic groups or older adults.

RESPONSIBILITY: Emergenciasjuridicas.com is responsable for the quality of the services requested through its page or any other digital tool and for the personalized legal guidelines assigned when these have been previously canceled through the online payment platform that is proposes or any other means of payment that Emergenciasjuridicas.com has.

The Lawyers of Emergenciasjuridicas.com are part of the Empresa Gestión Legal S.A.S., which is the creator of the technological line of business Emergenciasjuridicas.com, a legal and technological tool that brings people closer to the Law, and thus be able to determine what to do in a situation that implies a legal solution, and not waste time in unnecessary turns, or a day of work, or simply lose a right for not being able or not knowing how to exercise it.

DELIVERY TIMES: Depending on the document or procedure to be carried out, and in case of having the complete documentation, the delivery times will be counted as follows:

Legal documents: The time to prepare the legal documents required by the user, is established in general terms, within three (3) business days following the total delivery of the documents requested by the lawyer in charge of the case. This term may increase according to the complexity of the legal document to be carried out, as is the case of:

  • Guardianship Actions.
  • Group and/or popular actions.
  • Internal Work Regulations.
  • Drafting of demands or complaints.
  • Answer to lawsuits filed against the user, being subject to the term granted by the entity to run the transfer.
  • Legal documents of commercial companies.
  • Payment Agreements.
  • Resources for replacement, appeal, challenge, complaint, cassation.
  • Action for annulment and restoration of rights.

The documents mentioned above are not conclusive, so on the day the verbal or written proposal is sent, the user will be informed of the term necessary for its possible writing and presentation.

Drafting value of the document: The value of a legal document will be determined by its complexity, since not only do we find those mentioned above, but we also find some documents such as: requirements in general, requests to private or public entities, petition rights, among others. To determine the value, the specialist lawyer study the case presented by the user, how complex is it and how fast does it require it.

OBLIGATIONS OF USERS OF EMERGENCIAS JURÍDICAS.COM: Bearing in mind that Emergenciasjuridicas.com is an omnichannel web platform and that contact with the user can be made in different ways, once the user acquires our service, he is making the tacit acceptance of the terms and conditions of the platform and must provide complete information and documentation so that the legal management is fully complied with.

Once contact is made with customer service, the advisor informs about how Emergenciasjuridicas.com works, costs, advice modalities, forms of payment and agenda of the lawyers who, depending on the specialty required to hear the case, will assist the user.

When making the payment, the user will be confirmed the date and time of the consultation, they will be informed about the lawyer in charge of the case, and the relevant information and documentation will be requested to carry out an effective consultation. The user will determine if he wishes to take virtual query (video call) for 40 USD or personal if the person is in Colombia 70 USD, taking care of the customer service to put the lawyer and the user in contact at the time that was agreed to carry out a legal analysis and determine the possible alternatives applicable to the problem.

Depending on the verbal or written concept indicated by the lawyer in charge of the case, customer service in the same contact or no later than the next business day, will send a proposal for legal services verbally or in writing, so that the user Decide if you want to continue with the accompaniment, representation or advice of Emergenciasjuridicas.com.

Once the first payment indicated in the verbal or written proposal is made, it is understood that the time of the lawyer in charge of the case is already reserved, and, therefore, if the user makes an agreement with the counterparty or wishes to withdraw from the management to be carried out, the money cannot be returned, unless it meets the following conditions:

Request the cancellation of the accompaniment, representation, drafting and/or filing of a document, one business day before the date agreed for the delivery, filing, meeting or required diligence.

Submit a document with relevant evidence that supports an event of force majeure or fortuitous event, in which case the request for refund of money will enter accounting for its management, for a term of 15 business days from the date of filing of the document, once the study on the feasibility of the request is completed, the user will be informed of the decision and the eventual return of the money will be made within the indicated term.

Emergenciasjuridicas.com has a department to answer any questions or complaints from its users and in this way continue to improve, therefore, you can write to the email admin@emergenciasjuridicas.com.

Any violation or attempted violation contrary to the Law or any of the points of these terms and conditions will make the author responsible for the pertinent legal actions, as well as the sanctions and/or penalties prescribed in the Law and in this agreement, as well as it will be responsible for indemnifying the damage caused.

Act truthfully, although the lawyer complies with his confidentiality mandate, his work is based on good faith and on what the user informs him, therefore, if the decision of the authority, natural or legal person to whom The document is directed or the procedure is denied due to a fact or situation not commented on by the user, our management will be suspended up to that point of the management, and no refund of money will proceed for previous procedures, but neither, subsequent charges will be made.

TERRITORIALITY: EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM. It has its professional development in Colombian territory and its concepts will be determined by Colombian laws.

EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM is the owner of the intellectual moral rights of the author as well as of the brand, logos, and structure of the site, therefore the modification, reproduction, publication or transfer of any Content to other people, or its use for any purpose is prohibited. Except as provided by applicable law, you are prohibited from disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, or otherwise attempting to breach the protection of the content. All the contents, elements and information on this Site including all text, format, images, music, trademarks, logos, signs, trade names, sounds, graphics, videos, animation, and other materials on this Site are the property of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM. Any unauthorized use of the Contents of the Site that violates the property and intellectual property rights of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM or third parties, gives rise to the initiation of civil, administrative, criminal or any other actions by the owners of rights. Access to or use of this Site does not imply the granting or denial of any license, concession or right of use over any of the trademarks, names, logos, designs or content protected by the intellectual property rights of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM or of any third party. , as appropriate. The creation of web pages, Internet Sites, electronic documents or computer programs or computer applications of any kind that contain hyperlinks or marks that redirect the navigator to any Content of this Site is prohibited.

By accessing the EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM site, you accept that the use you will make of this site, its Contents and the information found on it, has and will have legitimate and legal purposes, and will be made in compliance with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and all applicable laws. Specifically but not exclusively, the use of this site, its contents and the information contained in it is limited by the following: You agree that you will not use this Site, its Contents or the information contained in it, to: (a) transmit to third parties or in any way publish information that is false, harmful, aggressive, abusive, hostile, threatening, tortious, libelous, libelous, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, unsubstantiated or harmful, or for which you do not have authorization legal or contractual; (b) causing harm to minors or promoting or causing physical or material damage to any person or group of natural and legal persons, or animals; (c) use the identity or personal information of persons (natural or legal) mentioned on the Site, for any purpose or purpose; (d) transmit or broadcast material that contains computer viruses or any other code, computer program or application designed to interrupt, destroy, restrict or impair the functionality of computers, computer programs, information systems, telecommunications networks or infrastructure and services from third parties; (e) intentionally or unintentionally violate or breach any applicable national, local, state or international law, including but not limited to privacy and data protection regulations; (f) collect, save and manage personal data about natural and legal persons without the corresponding authorization and in breach of applicable laws; (g) execute, plan, set up, structure or carry out practices or activities of a criminal nature.

EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM reserves the opportunity to eliminate and block the IP of those registered users who violate our terms and conditions or who do not accept our privacy policy, among some of the most common reasons to eliminate a user are:

Provide false or third-party information without express and verifiable authorization.

Addressing in a rude or threatening manner by any verifiable means against EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM or any of its representatives, workers, associates or allied attorneys.

Use any material that is part of the intellectual property of our platform without the written authorization of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM.

Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the privileged information of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM.

EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM informs its users that in the event of a failure in the platform, efforts will be made to restore it as quickly as possible without any type of responsibility being attributed to it.

SCOPE OF SERVICE: These terms and conditions at no time create a partnership or employment relationship between EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM and the USER.

JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE REGULATION: These terms and conditions will be governed in all their points by the laws in force in Colombia in addition to the agreements set forth herein. Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be subject to the applicable regulations in Colombia.

All the content of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM such as databases, source code, files that are part of the platform are 100% owned by EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM.

The improper use, alteration, modification, total or partial reproduction of said content is prohibited.

REMOVAL FROM THE EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM PLATFORM: At EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM we reserve the opportunity to remove and/or block the IP of those registered users who violate our terms and conditions or who do not accept our privacy policy, such as: Providing information false, address rudely or threateningly by any means, use any material that is part of the intellectual property of our platform without written and verifiable authorization from Emergenciasjuridicas.com, any attempt to access without authorization the privileged information of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM.

EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM, is not responsble for failures in the system, in the server or the internet network, the system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or internet failures, or for any other external circumstance, in case of a failure in the platform will try to restore it as quickly as possible without being imputed any type of responsibility.

At the time the USER decides to use the services of EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM and its platform, they will always accept the terms and conditions set forth in this document and will likewise provide EMERGENCIASJURIDICAS.COM with certain personal data. This information provided by USERS is processed and stored on servers and magnetic media subject to security and protection protocols. All the guidelines and terms of information management can be found in our privacy policies.

APPLICABLE REGULATION: These terms and conditions will be governed in all their points by the laws in force in Colombia in addition to the agreements that are applicable. Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be subject to the applicable regulations in Colombia.

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